I am fascinated by the emotions associated with landscapes and distant places. There is a pulse in nature that I continually endeavor to harness and find resonance with. My landscapes reveal themselves as I work, and a story begins to emerge; often centering on the enormity of the natural world; the power and strength of the land, and the ephemerality of the human experience. I spent most of my childhood summers traveling in a blue Chevy van that my dad outfitted into a home for the 6 of us. Tables transformed into beds, draped netting became suspended sleeping cocoons for us kids. From this peripatetic home, we visited nearly every national park, crisscrossing the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. Along with my siblings, I kept daily journals of what I saw and recorded our adventures from 1977-1986. The colors and the shapes left indelible impressions that are etched into my consciousness. As I continue to explore the role of memory in my paintings, I am drawn to nature and the energetic signature of the landscape.